Frequently asked questions

The company Inter Concerts does not sell tickets to individuals, it is compulsory to buy your tickets from authorized official resellers which are advertised in the pages of our shows.

Please note that purchasing a ticket (often at a price higher than the face value of the ticket) from unauthorized sales outlets may prevent you from attending the performances as well as obtaining a refund for them.

Visit the #FanPasGogo site to be aware of the illegal resale of show tickets and assert your rights if you have bought tickets from unauthorized sales outlets. The artists we produce as well as the company Inter Concerts cannot be held responsible for any dispute resulting from resale by unauthorized sales outlets.

Any exceptional event linked to a cancellation or a postponement of our shows will be announced beforehand on our website. Be sure to check the news regularly if you have purchased tickets to attend our concerts.

As part of a show cancellation, requests for reimbursement related to the general conditions of sale of each of our official authorized resellers must be made to their attention.

RSS feeds (in French and English) are also available to keep up to date with the latest news.

The date and time of the show are indicated on your ticket. Please make sure you arrive at the concert venue before the start time of the performance in order to have time to pass the security checks and any imposed government measures related to the reception of the public. We cannot be held responsible if you do not make the necessary arrangements to arrive before the start of the performance.

The Inter Concerts company does not sell tickets for individuals as indicated above, you can request a refund of your tickets from the official authorized dealer where they were purchased.

The refund policy is subject to the general conditions of sale of the authorized official reseller. Please consult them for the reimbursement terms.

In France, the law of March 12, 2012 prohibits the resale of show tickets without the authorization of the show producer.

The resale of a show ticket whatever it is (sporting, cultural or commercial event, live show) is possible, if however you do not sell tickets in the usual way (article 313-6-2 of the french Penal Code), and if the price offered does not exceed its purchase value in the event of a subsidized spectacle (law of 27 June 1919 relating to the suppression of traffic in theater tickets).

Please note, however, that some events may contain "nominative and non-transferable" tickets, so such a ticket may not benefit the purchaser of the event. We advise you to contact the official authorized dealer regarding this particular case.

In summary, it is forbidden to resell show tickets without the authorization of the producer of the event, if the person makes sales in the usual way. If you are an individual and you want to sell performance tickets because you cannot get there, and not for the purpose of making a financial gain, resale is legal in France.

With the exception of Linkedin Inter Concerts is not present on any other social network so that its productions, announcements and news are simply and easily available from a single source, its website.

We invite you to be vigilant about the relevance of any information and content other than our site, that of our artists or authorized official points of sale.